Defensive Space – Rada’s Maximum Orb

on April 25, 2012 in Destreza Theory

In the previous post we outlined the Measure of Proportion (Medio de Proporcion) which can be treated as the distance at which you can safely respond to an attack.  One simple way to think of this is to consider the Measure of Proportion a line between you and your adversary.  That neglects the possibility that you could be attacked by multiple adversaries.

A better idea would be to imagine your defensive space as a bubble that surrounds you.  If a threat enters the bubble, it must be addressed.  Likewise, you will not advance on an opponent without addressing their threat in some way.  Lorenz de Rada describes this very concept when he outlines his Maximum Orb.

Rada's Maximum Orb

The radius of the Maximum Orb is defined by the Measure of Proportion and it can change depending on the adversary’s weapon and body type.  For example an enemy carrying a spear will require a larger defensive distance than one with only a dagger.

Both you and your adversary have a personal Maximum Orb and it is a compelling concept that you and your opponent can walk the circumference without every getting closer.

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