He who knows most, doubts most.  — Jerónimo de Carranza

Dedicated to researching historical Spanish fencing and sharing the knowledge with the public.

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A project such as this one could not continue to develop and improve without the advice, questions, and contributions of many people. We would like to recognize some of the chief collaborators in the project and also to thank everyone whose comments, advice and corrections have contributed to this ongoing project.

The following individuals have given their time, expertise, and knowledge to make this site a better resource.

Collaborators and Contributors
Collaborators share research and provide content for this site.

Special Thanks
These individuals provide feedback and information that improve the quality of this site.

About Us
This page contains biographical information about the founders of this site.

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We welcome peer-review and contributions to our site, including translations into other languages. Thanks to Pierre Louarn the first footwork article has been translated into French!